"Ive just picked my 2 labradors sam and belle up from having spent two weeks here, its the first time ive put them into kennels, and i was a bit wary but having looked round prior to there stay, it put my mind at Ease, the kennel was very spacious with a run attached for them to go outside, when i picked my dogs up they were really happy to see us and the dogs was outside in there run seeming to be enjoying themselves, when we arrived they looked to of had a really good time, Which has put my mind at ease i will definitely use these again and would recommend them to anyone . Thank you for looking after my dogs."

Hayley Churchward

"We have just picked up our cat and dog , kitty and barney and I think the service they provide is very good . It's a family run business and very friendly. The Animals seem very happy to see us and you can tell they have been having lots of attention and barney ( the dog ) come home with a lovely smooth coat of fur . I would highly recommend. Thank you for looking after them ."

Melanie Warburton

"Ive used AllBreeds Pet Boarding many times now for my dog and cats and am always very happy with the service provided. I can leave my pets with confidence that they will be well looked after"

Mrs Johnson

"My two dogs have stayed twice now ,They have come home happy so I can tell they have been well looked after. I would highly recommend them "

Lorraine Wright

"Both our dogs have been many times & are looked after very well by Shirley & team . Our dogs go 3 -4 times a year & there is plenty of space for them to run around in the large run. I highly recommend it "

Sheila Dickinson

"I was really worried about leaving my whippet as she gets very stressed and losing weight quickly. I took my own food so as not to unsettle her and was thrilled that shed kept her weight on and came out of her kennel very confident and happy. What a relief we will definitely be back"

Sue Livsey

"Its been really hard to find somewhere that will take my ferrets. I'm so glad I found AllBreeds they've been well looked after & I'm really pleased and relieved "

Mr Watson

"We took our very nervous puppy for the first time this summer and was really worried about leaving her , what a transformation. She came out of her kennel happy and bouncy, its like having a different dog. I don't know what magic they used but its great "

David Hughes

"I've been taking my two rescue greyhounds here for a couple of years and after having a bad experience at a previous kennels was really worried but my friend who recommend me said Shirley & her husband are really friendly and kind and would keep me informed of how my dogs were doing. Shirley send me regular updates and I know I can relax as they are in really good hands "

Alex Wilcox

"I got a Lhasa Apso puppy from Shirley ( she's a wonderful breeder who loves her dogs and puppies to bits) I am so thrilled Barney is everything I dreamed of in a dog. He's loving, playful and a joy to own. I'm saving up to get another puppy from Shirley next year "

Angie Barnett

"We travel a long way to use AllBreeds having been recommended here by a family member and its well worth the extra journey . My dog and cat are well looked after and my dog gets very excited when we get close . It lovely to go away and know they are being well cared for "

Dianne Heap

"I've been using this kennels for years. I'm now on my third dog ( the others died of old age) & wouldn't go anywhere else. Shirley and the team go the extra mile to make sure all is well. I recently had an emergency & Shirley was very supportive, reassuring me that I could leave Cassie as long as necessary . "

Anne Thomlinson

"We used this kennels for the first time for our two elderly Dobermans following a recommendation from a friend. Our dogs had never been in kennels before as our son used to look after them before he got married. One of our dogs had a bad injury just days before he was due to board but Shirley and her husband were very reassuring and took our dog for follow up treatment to our vets so we didn't have to cancel our holiday. I cant praise them enough & they will be going back asap . "

Vicki Lees

"My dog Betsy & my daughters dog Dora were really well looked after during their holiday. Shirley is lovely and put our minds at ease when we dropped them off & she was happy for me to email her whilst we were on holiday for an update. I had no need to worry the girls were delivered home very happy & well looked after. See you next time & many thanks "

Michelle Greenwood

"This is Daisy's home from home, as it was for Cassie and Murphy before her. Never had any qualms about leaving her, a rescued lurcher, as she is happy to go and in no rush to leave. I love the way they understand & work with the personality of each of their guests. I've recommended AllBreeds to family and friends whose dogs have also become regulars "

Ann Haslem

"My dog Teddy stayed at AllBreeds for 8 nights he is extremely nervous & scared. Shirley kept me up to date as to how he was doing, she spent a lot of time with him & even brought him new toys , although it didn't do the trick I am very grateful to her for the time she has spent on him and for messaging his worried family "

Lisa Renshaw

"Our 3 greyhounds went here for a long weekend . Shirley & her family were very welcoming and quickly put us at ease with leaving our dogs in kennels for the first time. she sent us updates and the dogs looked very chilled and happy when we went to collect them"

Ursula Mitchell

"Very friendly place my dog was well looked after, nice set up for them. Lovely views across the valley. Roxy has been twice so far and she loved it. Highly Recommended "

Kelly Suzanne

"My two dogs boarded here in June & September . Bella our greyhound & Bruce our Staffi and also my mums dog Ross. Fantastic kennels friendly staff, just perfect. Our dogs came back happy and healthy . We can now go away on holiday feeling happy knowing the dogs are having the best care. Our dogs will definitely board here again. Its wonderful "

Sarah Thornber

"I'm so glad I found AllBreeds to care for my two fur babies and pussy cat. I've never left them before and was really anxious but Shirley showed me round and answered all my questions and even kept me updated on how they were doing via their FaceBook page. 5 star service , I'm very pleased & relieved "

Jean Milendo

"My dog Boo has been a number of times now and is always happy to go into the kennels and always looks fit and healthy when I pick him up. Staff are very friendly and offer a professional service "

Sam Whittaker

"I bring my two bunny rabbits on a regular basis, nice big hutches, plenty to eat including fresh veg , if the weather is OK get to play out in the run. What's not to like "

Helen Pearson

"I was recommended AllBreeds by a friend , after having a bad experience at a home boarders . I travelled a long way but it was worth it. My old Lab Lucy needs a lot of TLC now she's getting old & Shirley & the team took good care of her and sent me regular updates. What a relief to find this place "

Micheal Mackerrall

"My two Staffies have been a good few times now and are always happy. Not all kennels like staffies but AllBreeds provide excellent care and their routine of letting the dogs rest in the afternoon helps my dogs to settle as it cuts out a lot of the barking. Great place, highly recommended "

Liz O'brien

"My two cats always come here when I need to travel , they are both pampered pets but thrive here when I'm away . I've recommended them to loads of my firneds who have also been happy with the care provided"

Josh Ireland

"I've been bringing my two degus here for a couple of years and know they will be well cared for whilst I'm away. My friend brings her cat and hamster too and she is always happy with them "

Tasha Rowlands

"I bring my dog Benji and cat Sooty here and both love it. Nice people, nice accommodation, lovely place "

Jody Sillett

"My parents used AllBreeds for many years before their dog passed on so I had no hesitation to use them when I got my own labradoodle Barney , he was a little nervous at first but I was reassured that they are used to nervous dogs and he was much more confident when I collected him "

S Dean

"I inherited my aunties shitzu Billy who is very, very nervous and although I didn't want to use kennels because of this I couldn't find anyone else who would look after him, even my dog walker who does home boarding wouldn't have him. However I needn't have worried, they spent a lot of time with him to gain his trust and although he's still nervous , he's been a few times now and is getting much better so they must be doing something right "

Tracy Plane

"I've used AllBreeds for many years now and have always been very happy . 1st class service , my pets are well looked after & I have no worries leaving them. My children are adults now and my daughter also uses AllBreeds for her two cats "

Chris Grant

"I have a RSPCA rescue dog ( Jack) who was used for dog fighting & is very nervous of men and hates to be touched , He also has a fear of other dogs. When I came to look round they were very understanding and explained their routine and how jack wouldn't have contact with other dogs etc. They put him in one of the quieter kennels to help him settle. I was so pleased I've found somewhere who really care about the animals and its not just a business to them. Great place and people "

Dan Roberts

"Bounty is the second Lhasa Apso that we have bought from a breeder over the past 25 years & he is by far the best prepared by the breeder for a new home & was immediately at ease with us , even throughout the 3 hour journey home. He is so well adjusted & has fitted in perfectly . Yesterday he experienced his first thunderstorm & apart from the first thunderclap giving him a fright . he soon settled down & accepted he was still safe - bless him' He's been very good at the vets having his injections & is as good as gold in the car. Within days & surprisingly for his young age . he comes, sits and even gives his paw on command. He's the sweetest puppy & we consider ourselves and him very fortunate to be such a good match . We cannot recommend you too highly as a breeder, thanks very much indeed. We're so thrilled with him, we will keep you updated and send photos next time. His coat is amazingly glossy & he's so healthy looking & he's growing so fast he's put on over half a kg in 2 weeks "

Tony & Celine from Bedfordshire

"I've brought my 2 rabbits to AllBreeds a few times now and am always really pleased with their care and wouldn't take them anywhere else "

Jo Mathers

"I'd looked at a few kennels before I visited AllBreeds & what a relief it was to find them. Zoe my Border Collie is a rescue dog and is very nervous of strangers and other dogs; Shirley advised me to have a free days trial with them and then a weekend stay before our 10 days holiday to help Zoe and us settle. I was so pleased that I had finally found a kennels where they genuinely are animal lovers and care about the pets they look after. Shirley had a litter of puppies too which were gorgeous and I know where I will go when I want to get another dog "

Sue Durkin

"I've had my new Lhasa Apso puppy Masie for just over 2 weeks now and I love her to bits, she is so playful and loving & I can't wait to start taking her for walks. My vet was very impressed with the 'quality' of Maisie and the comprehensive puppy information Shirley provided with her . I know if I have any problems with Masie in the future Shirley will be on hand to give me an advise . If you're thinking of getting a puppy and want a healthy happy Lhasa Apso get in touch with Shirley as I know she has a waiting list for her puppies "


"My new Lhasa Apso puppy Bert has settled in really well & my other dog Benny loves him already. Thank you so much "


"Our new puppy has made my 5 year old daughter the happiest little girl in the world . Buster has settled in really well & is so confident, he's never cried at night and Shirley's preparation to get her puppies ready for their new homes is excellent . We can't believe how good he is & what a joy he is too own. We're already thinking of getting a second puppy from Shirley next year if she has another litter "

John Folden

"We've been bringing our 3 cats to Allbreeds for a long time and wouldn't go anywhere else. I always recommend them to anyone who wants their pets looking after properly when they are away "

Mrs Chapman

"What a great place this kennels and cattery is. I'm new to Halifax & was worried about finding somewhere for my babies Jasper and Snoopy . A friend at work recommended them to me & I'm so glad she did. The family are friendly and ask a lot of questions about my pets to make sure they know what they like and don't like. I can go away now knowing I don't have to worry about them "

Lucy Flint

"Great friendly place. would recommend"

Sam Fitton

"Very happy with the service provided for my dog and cat "

Joan Jackson

"So glad I found AllBreeds. My cat was really poorly when I was away and they took her to the vets, kept me up to date with how she was doing and nursed her until I got back. She made a fill recovery. Cant thank them enough"

R Jones

"My two crazy , full on springer spaniels love coming to AllBreeds and seeing Shirley and her team. Wouldn't go any where else now "

Jack Williams

"I've been bringing my pets to AllBreeds for years now and always recommend them to everyone I know. Really care about the pets they look after"

Adam Kay

"My 2 dogs and cat are always well looked after when I go on my extended holidays . Shirley keeps me up to date on how they're doing especially as one of my dogs is getting on and not very streaky on his feet now . I know I can trust them to seek vets help if they need it "

Susan Swan

"Heartfelt thanks for the obviously excellent care you have given our golden retriever Freddie during his stay with you. He has returned to us looking healthy , happy, well nourished and his coat is in tip top condition. We would be happy to leave Freddie in your care in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Once again, many thanks "

John Sowray

"Our dog Connie had a lovely time at AllBreeds for a week. She came home very happy from her stay there. We will definitely be back. Thank you "

Nicola Sutcliffe

"We recently got our puppy Daisy from Shirley. She is a fabulous dog and can tell that time was spent with her in the first 8 weeks before we collected her. She has settled brilliantly into our home and she is a diamond. Thanks for a beautiful addition to our family such a breath of fresh air to deal with such an honest and genuine lady. Thank you "

Mel Capone

"I’m now onto my second dog coming to AllBreeds after my beloved Tim died. It’s very well established and run & I can leave my dog knowing I can trust he will be well looked after."

Fred Taylor

"My two guinea pigs have been a few times now and they are always well fed in a lovely clean hutch. I wouldn’t go any where else now ."

Natalie Crossley

"AllBreeds came to my mums rescue at very short notice when she was rushed into hospital and had no one locally who could look after her two cats. They arranged collection with a neighbour and turned up on time and sent us updates on how they were doing, which really gave my mum peace of mind when she was poorly. Very happy with the service "

Helen Pickford