All dogs have an individual kennel with a sleep and play area; unless owners request their pets to share a kennel. We have different sizes of kennels suitable for single and double occupancy. During colder weather the kennels are heated and there are shady, cool areas available during the warmer weather.

All guests are given warm and cosy bedding and food is supplied. We feed a range of high quality foods, including tinned meat and biscuits, complete dried food or a mixture. You are welcome to bring your own food for your pet's stay. Dogs can be feed once or twice a day whichever is their usual routine.


Dogs are taken out individually at least twice a day to play and run around in one of our 3 outdoor exercise areas. Additional walks are available at £4.00 for a half hour walk per single dog or two dogs from the same family walked together are charged at £4.50 per half hour walk.
Dogs do not have contact with any other dogs unless they are from the same family.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be shown on arrival. We do not insist on the Kennel Cough vaccine; however as it is a live vaccine it must be given at least 14 days before boarding to avoid the dog spreading the virus whilst being boarded.

For the welfare of all our guests please note that failure to show proof of current vaccinations may require us to refuse to accommodate your pet unless we can get confirmation from your vet.


Veterinary prescribed medication is given. However we are unable to administer injections. Please make sure that you bring sufficient supplies for the duration of your pets stay and clear instructions of the required dosage. If your pet is on a flea and worm programme such as Frontline please make sure you provide an adequate supply for the duration of the stay.

Free day's trial

To ensure you are happy with our service we can offer a free day's trial (subject to availability) between the hours of 9.30 and 4.30 Monday to Thursday (not available on Bank Holidays or during the months of July August and September). To take up this offer just ring or email us.